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Which of the following Pair are not parent and child who have both won the Nobel prize?

+2 votes

A)Frederic Joliot-curie,Irene Joliot-curie
B)JJ Thomson ,Paget Thomson
C)Lawrence brag,Aage Bohr
D)Hermaon emil fischer,hans fischer

posted Oct 1 by anonymous

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Correct ans is d
Is it right
Yea is it right answer d
The answer is D.  This is teacher and student relationship.
Its wrong ..lawrence brag and aage bohr is not family... Lawrence and william brag..niels bohr and aage bohr duo...

3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Correct ans is D

answer Oct 2 by Ajay
0 votes

Herman emil fischer hans fischer

answer Oct 3 by anonymous
0 votes

Answer is D.

answer Oct 24 by Mita Chakraborty
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