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Who has been appointed as part-time chairman in Lakshmi Vilas Bank '2017' ?

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posted Jun 10 by Md Irfan

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1 Answer

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B K Manjunath has been appointed part-time chairman of Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) for a tenure of three years.

The bank has informed the stock exchange that subsequent to the approval granted by the Reserve Bank of India, LVB's Board of Directors at a meeting held on June 6 co-opted Manjunath as additional director in the category of Non-Executive and Independent Director.

He was also appointed part-time chairman of the bank for a tenure of three years.

Manjunath is a practising chartered accountant for the past 25 years, with experience and knowledge in project financing, business administration and management.

answer Jun 12 by Manikandan J
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